Editor in Chief (Founding)

  • Paolo Martelletti, Rome


  • Zaza Katsarava, Unna
  • Lars Jacob Stovner, Trondheim

Society affiliations

The Journal of Headache and Pain is affiliated with the European Headache Federation and Lifting the Burden.

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Save the date: EFIC 9th Congress 2015

EFIC 9th Congress 2015



EFIC-EHF-LTB Joint Campaign against Headache

The EFIC has created a task force on headache, aiming to face through the European Joint Campaign against Headache the problems connected to the shared research, the multidisciplinary treatment of borderline forms and the shared education.

The Joint Campaign against Headache is promoted by EFIC, EHF and LTB through the action of Task Force on Headache and seeks to increase the value of headache global impact, research and education. For further information on this initiative, please visit the homepage of the Joint Campaign against Headache.

9th World Congress on Controversies in Neurology (CONy)

The 9th World Congress on Controversies in Neurology is a comprehensive congress fully devoted to clinical debates and controversial issues in a wide spectrum of neurological conditions. For further information, please visit: www.comtecmed.com/cony.


Master's Degree in Headache Medicine, 12th Edition. Sapienza University of Rome

The Sapienza University of Rome has activated its 12th edition of the Master's Degree in Headache Medicine, for the Academic Year 2014-2015. Paolo Martelletti is the director of the Masters degree "Master in Headache Medicine" at Sapienza University of Rome. Find out more.

Editor's quote 2014

Paolo Martelletti"The principal task that this year still lies ahead of The Journal of Headache and Pain is to bring the definition of refractory headaches up to date. For too long there has been a lot of utterance about it while their nosography was not systemized. So far few innovative neuromodulation practices have been widely applied to this subset of headaches, numerically limited but with a severe impact in terms of disability and social costs. Therapeutic results are before our eyes, still too scanty and often with weak scientific prerequisites. The lack of necessary evidence and its validation has made possible that, in the recent ICHD-3 β, refractoriness has found no room. Headache medicine plainly cannot worry about the many and neglect the corner of the few; thus it must always accept and follow the multidisciplinary approach, in this case even more. It would be a huge mistake to scotomize this subset of headache patients entrusting them only to striking case series without a scientific definition of refractoriness. This issue too must be investigated further in the course of the explorative work on refractoriness of headaches and its boundaries, building a bridge between refractory headaches and the broader concept of chronic pain."

Paolo Martelletti
Sapienza University of Rome

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Aims & scope


The Journal of Headache and Pain is specifically dedicated to researchers involved in all aspects of headache and related pain, including theory, methodology, clinical practice and care. The journal's scope is broad, reflecting the wide application of scientific advances to every branch of headache and related pain management. Within a multidisciplinary perspective, the Journal covers headache and related pain syndromes in the following fields: genetics, neurology, internal medicine, clinical pharmacology, child neuropediatrics, anesthesiology, rheumatology, otology, dentistry, neurotraumatology, neurosurgery, psychiatry, pain management, and addiction.

2000-2012 articles

The archival content of The Journal of Headache and Pain can be located at http://link.springer.com/journal/10194.

Editorial Office

Editor in Chief (Founding)
Paolo Martelletti, MD,
Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine
Sapienza University of Rome
Via di Grottarossa 1035
I-00189 Rome, Italy
Tel.: +39-06-33775111
Fax: +39-06-33775110
E-mail: paolo.martelletti@uniroma1.it

Assistant to the Editor: Valerio De Angelis
E-mail: valerio.deangelis@uniroma1.it

Sapienza University of Rome

The Enrico Greppi Award 2014

The Greppi Award 2014 has been assigned to Prof. Lynn Griffiths, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, for the study:
Genetic association and gene expression studies suggest that genetic variants in the SYNE1 and TNF genes are related to menstrual migraine.

The winner presented the Enrico Greppi Award 2014 Lecture in Copenhagen during the recent 4th EHMTIC.

From left to right: Prof. Christian Lampl, Linz; Prof. Anne McGregor, London (Award co-recipient); Prof. Lynn Griffiths, Brisbane (Award winner); Prof. Paolo Martelletti, Rome).

The Enrico Greppi Award 2015 will be launched soon.

Latest supplements

Volume 15 Suppl 1 (18 September 2014)

Abstracts from the 4th European Headache and Migraine Trust International Congress: EHMTIC 2014

Meeting abstracts
Copenhagen, Denmark. 18-21 September 2014

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